Solla Solar

Sangil Lee

Solla Solar is a simple 2D solar system simulator. By manipulating the screen, you can observe the past, present, and future of the solar system.


snapshot of solla solar

Important features

  • It shows the movement of planets and moons over time.
  • You can manipulate the time by dragging the circle around the sun.
  • By touching the left or right side of the screen twice quickly, you can adjust the time every 10 years.
  • If you touch two points and move up and down, you can adjust the speed of time.
  • By touching the date text, you can move to the desired time.
  • To return to the current time, just touch the center of the screen twice.


  • The size of the planet and the distance between the sun and the planet are adjusted to fit all the solar planets on one screen, therefore it is different from the actual scale.
  • The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is designed to show the flow of time, not just the actual speed.

This application does not require any user rights.