Real-time Object-aware Monocular Depth Estimation in Onboard Systems

Abstract: This paper proposes the object depth estimation in real-time, using only a monocular camera in an onboard computer with a low-cost GPU. Our algorithm estimates scene depth from a sparse feature-based visual odometry algorithm and detects/tracks objects’ bounding box by utilizing the exi...

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Edge Detection for Event Cameras using Intra-pixel-area Events

Abstract: In this work, we propose an edge detection algorithm by estimating a lifetime of an event produced from dynamic vision sensor, also known as event camera. The event camera, unlike traditional CMOS camera, generates sparse event data at a pixel whose log-intensity changes. D...

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Ego Motion Estimation Method and Apparatus

Abstract: Disclosed is an ego motion estimation method and apparatus, wherein the apparatus calculates a scene flow field from a plurality of spaces of an input image, clusters the plurality of spaces based on a scene flow, updates a probability vector map for clustered spaces, identifies a stati...

Solla Solar

Solla Solar is a simple 2D solar system simulator. By manipulating the screen, you can observe the past, present, and future of the solar system.

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Real-time Rigid Motion Segmentation using Grid-based Optical Flow

Abstract: In the paper, we propose a rigid motion segmentation algorithm with the grid-based optical flow. The algorithm selects several adjacent points among grid-based optical flows to estimate motion hypothesis based on a so-called entropy and generates motion hypotheses between two images, th...

Survey on Visual Odometry Technology for Unmanned Systems

Abstract: This paper surveys visual odometry technology for unmanned systems. Visual odometry is one of the most important technologies to implement vision-based navigation; therefore, it is widely applied to unmanned systems in recent years. Visual odometry estimates a trajectory and a pose of t...

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Exposure Correction and Image Blending for Planar Panorama Stitching

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a planar panorama stitching method to blend consecutive images captured by a multirotor equipped with a fish-eye camera. In addition, we suggest an exposure correction method to reduce the brightness difference between contiguous images, and a drift error corre...

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Gravity Simulator

This is an application to simulate particles’ movement under Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Particles attract each other, and then they are collided and merged or orbit the center of mass. Some particles can fade away toward the horizon of the universe. I designed and implemented the appl...

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