LARR DVS Dynamic Environments Dataset

File Formats

We provide the event camera datasets from the DAVIS240C in the following format.

APS Images and DVS Events

We provide the time-stamped grayscale images, events, and IMU as a TAR.GZ file.

  • The images are stored as 240x180 8-bit monochrome images in PNG format.
  • The events are stored as (t,x,y,p) in TXT format.
  • Positive and negative events are marked as 1 or 0.

Image Lists

We provide the list of images as a text file.

  • Each line in the text file contains timestamp and image.
  • The file may contain comments which begin with “#”.

Intrinsic Parameter

We provide the intrinsic parameter of each sequence in YAML format. The parameters are calculated by ROS camera_calibration package.

Downloads (will be updated soon)

We provide the following TAR.GZ files containing image frames, events, imu data.

Preview Name Download Description
indoor1 TGZ (66MB) • Indoor
• Manual movement
outdoor1 TGZ (12MB) • Outdoor
• Day
• One vehicle
• Camera stops moving later
outdoor2 TGZ (9MB) • Outdoor
• Day
• One motorcycle
outdoor3 TGZ (16MB) • Outdoor
• Night
• Three vehicles

For questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to send me an email.